Helga Himmelsbach


After many visits to the Burren, Helga came to Lisdoonvarna from Germany 1989 ‘for just one year’ to spend as much time as she could in the outdoors. ‘I got into the swing of thing [working in physical therapy and eventually building a yoga studio] and I just didn’t go back.’ She still lives for the outdoors—cycling, hiking and finally living her dream of riding her horse.

Inside tip or hidden gem to share with visitors?
‘If the weather is bad, they should come out for one of our killer massages! Or a yoga session. If the weather is good, people should look into caving, because we are surrounded by really magnificent, wild caves and it’s something completely different to go into a wild cave. There are several options here and they are just stunning. It’s a safe, muddy, dirty thing to do.’

Favourite moment?
‘Riding my horse!’

Dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
‘Johnnie Depp!’ To look at, or for the conversation? ‘Both! He looks absolutely amazing! He’s the same age as myself and I think he must have done the right things, but I think he’s a very interesting person as well. I like the way he chooses his films. He doesn’t go for just the money.’

Favourite thing?
‘To feel in touch with the essence of life in all it’s different manifestations.

Who or what is your inspiration?
‘Nature is my greatest inspiration. Nature is strong, vibrant, just. I try to take my inspiration from that. When you look at the hunting animals and the animals to be hunted, there is a balance. This is something we haven’t achieved yet—with all of our technology and study.’

Go to Karaoke Song?
‘It’s a beautiful world!’

Nature is my greatest inspiration – strong, vibrant, just. I try to take my inspiration from that.