Chris O'Neill

Chris O’Neill

B&B Owner, Founder of Burren Painting Centre

Chris has lived in Lisdoonvarna for nearly 50 years, and together with her husband, has adapted to many changes during that time running the accommodation business that has been in the family for three generations. She was involved for many years with the Clare Tourist Council and was the first woman to be elected chairperson of the council in 1977.

Inside tip or hidden gem for visitors?
‘If you get locked out [of your accommodation], just go to the local garda [Irish police] barracks!’

Favourite book?
‘My favourite author is John Connelly. I like detectives and spies and all that kind of thing.’

Favourite moment?
‘At the end of the day mostly it would be associated with my own family. Those would be my favourite moments. Both of my sons are married, and I have grandchildren now.’

If you could be any age for a week?
‘Definitely not a teenager! I’d say I’d like to be in my mid-30s. You’ve got a bit of experience. You’ve got a lot of energy and you’ve got confidence to do things or to try things. I think it’s a good age.’

Best thing about living in Lisdoonvarna?
‘To put it another way, I wouldn’t like to go back to living in the UK anymore. I don’t think I could cope with the volume of people, the volume of traffic. I like the slower pace here.’

Favourite place to go on a free weekday afternoon?
‘Around Finavara is our favourite spot that we go to. If it’s nice you can get out to meander and walk, and there is not so much traffic there. I’m not up for walking half way up a mountain like some people do, so that’s quite a nice spot.’

Chris ONeill

Insider tip: If you get locked out [of your accommodation], just go to the local garda [Irish police] barracks!