Lauren Crowe and Niamh Kelly

Camogie Friends

Lauren and Niamh have been friends for life. Both students at the local secondary school, when not at school (or studying of course!) they can be found on the pitch playing camogie or in The Ritz and Sheedy’s Restaurant where the two respectively work.

Inside tip or hidden gem to share with visitors?
‘If there was a match on, I’d send them up to that.’ says Niamh. ‘Yes, everyone knows about soccer, but tourists might not know about camogie or hurling,’ agrees Lauren.

Go to Karaoke song?
For Lauren: The Killers ‘Mr Bright Side’
For Niamh: Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’

If you won the lottery?
‘I’d definitely go travelling. Not having to work, that’d be great wouldn’t it?’ says Niamh ‘I’d love to go to New York and then Thailand…’ adds Lauren. ‘Then to all of the little islands’, Niamh finishes her sentence.

Who inspires you?
‘Sure wouldn’t everyone want to be Beyoncé! She has the perfect life,’ says Lauren, ‘Seriously though, I’d like to be like my Nana because she’s 85 and she’s superwoman. She’s the best woman in the world.’
Keeping with the family theme Niamh says, ‘Let’s just say my Mam too. She’d be happy with that!’ And on a serious note: ‘I’d just like to be someone that someone else could look up to.’

What age for a week?
‘I’d like to be five again and actually remember what we did and how we acted,’ says Niamh.
‘I think I’d like to be 70 years of age to see what I’m going to be like when I’m older, says Lauren. ‘That’s really scary to think about being that old. What are we going to be like when we are 70 or 80? Are we still going to have a Facebook page? You wouldn’t know what way the world is going to turn out like.’

Niamh and Lauren

Sure wouldn’t everyone want to be Beyoncé! She has the perfect life.